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Memorial Tribute

Our son, Anthony Lamar Rucker (“Tony”), the creator of this website, transitioned to the heavenly realm suddenly on Christmas Day 2015.  He was 40 years old.  When we realized he had kept this website active, despite no recent updates to it, we decided to likewise keep it available.  He must have seen value in it, and we do, too – especially considering the number of unique visits to the site on a daily basis from all over the world.

Anthony described himself as a music fan, writer and activist……all true.  But to those who knew and loved him most, he was so much more!  He was a son, a grand-son, a brother, a brother-in-law, an uncle,  a nephew, a cousin, and a friend.  He had a lifelong passion for music, particularly Black American music, as well as creative, epistemological, historical and groundbreaking contributions from throughout the African Diaspora, from politics to literature, from medicine to psychology, and so many offshoots and destinations in between.   Spirituality was an ongoing concern.

But nothing surpassed his passion for music. He was an evangelist for, and enthusiast of most genres of music, no matter the artist, the format, the era, the nation or the popularity. This included all manner of jazz, blues, funk, dance music from disco classics to contemporary house/electronic, hip hop, gospel, soul, R&B and others – including much that purely defies classification.   As long as it was soulful, his ears were open.  His repertoire was extensive, and his knowledge was just as vast – encyclopedic, even. He knew the who, what, when and where of it. He was a true music historian or scholar of sorts.  It was his first and lasting love.

He was an avid reader and intellectual who cared deeply about issues of social injustice and unfairness in society.  He contributed to various media outlets and communities, including authoring columns for several publications and websites.  Because many of the subjects he tackled still ring true today, despite being written years ago, we have added a new section to his website so others may benefit from the insight he espoused in his writings. The remainder of the site will remain as he left it.

His not to be realized dream was to work as a writer/cultural critic, professor or health advocate, offering commentary to a larger audience, thus expanding his reach.  Keeping his writings and website available to others is our contribution toward that effort.

So, in addition to the music related content and previous articles, take time to check out the new section (“More Deep Thoughts”) following the Articles section.  It contains original postings of his previously published writings.  Enjoy and remember how indeed special he was.  He will forever be in our hearts, for he was truly loved……….Deeply, and by many!

In Loving Memory,
Mr. and Mrs. Rucker (parents), Keisha (sister) and Jeff (brother)


“Deep” Truisms

Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy, do not be guided by the false idea that everyone who looks like you is going to support you.

The greatest struggles, as well as the greatest rewards, come from being true to ourselves.

Even “free” things have a price.

Meditation helps, if you can turn the committee off (get them quiet) in your mind.

If you don’t take care of your issues, they will take care of you.

Don’t confuse spirituality with religion.

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