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21st Century Music - Your best source in the internet for Disco, 12" singles, Remix services, hip hop and rap.

A-Z Disco - Comprehensive disco site coordinated by DQ.

Afrokings - Top notch label dedicated to keeping the spirit of Afrobeat alive and kicking.  Be sure to check out Kokolo.

Alternet - Interesting site that collects news stories from publications that offer a different perspective from what you'll see in mainstream papers.

ArtDesy - An Art Directory.  Includes a Disco section.

BBC News - News and information from the renowned British service.

BCNNi - Daily roundup of news items of interest to African-Americans taken from international sources.

Black Commentator - Absolutely on-point analysis of current events.  From the originators of the TV show America's Black Forum.

Black Electorate - Perhaps the premier collection of black-oriented news items, plus original content from Conrad Muhammand.

Blacklight Online - The classic publication returns via the web.

Black Men In America - The premier online magazine for black men.

Black Press USA - Indepedent news affecting the African-American community, maintained by Black community newspapers and the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service — the last national Black Press news wire.  

Blackstripe - Chuck Tarver's well-renowed site aimed at the black gay community.

Black World Today - Coverage of black-themed entertainment, politics, and commentary.

Bold Soul Sisters - Melissa Weber's tribute to underrecognized divas.

Buzz Flash - Independent news with a progressive slant.

CK Plus One - The Midwest's premier promotions company

Commondreams - One-stop site for coverage of political news. 

Corp Watch - Want to keep up with the latest shady dealings of your favorite multinational? Check this.

Counterpunch - Political analysis from Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

Davey D - One of the most respected online sources for information concerning hip-hop.

Deep House Page - Gerard Rose's essential site for real audio mixes of classics and current house. -  Check out my man Phil's extensive Disco Discography. - The award-winning site from Bernard Lopez is a treasure of disco information.  One of the best sites on the web.

Disco Step By Step - The world's first television show totally dedicated to disco, brought to us by Marty Angelo Jr. - Sometimes scholarly analysis of world events. 

Dusty Groove - Possibly the best online record shop for lovers of classic and obscure funk, jazz, soul and Latin music. Also carries a respectable selection of music by new artists.   

E909 St - Informative house music ezine put together with love by DJ Chang.

Ebay - The world's largest flea market. Good chance to find that long-lost collectable.

Electric Soul - Lovely UK-based site offering profiles of DJs, artists, and labels, club reviews and articles. - Formely known as Funk Vibe, one of the growing funk sites on the net.

Gemm - Looking for that long lost record or book?   Someone here may have it.

Global Darkness - A well-designed site from a group of promoters in Holland, and the home to Bunker Records.  Extensive articles, reviews, message boards and more.

Go Off - In their own words, "GoOff.comTM is your premier online resource for books, interviews and other informational resources that expose the organizations, the governments and the people behind the events and issues that affect us all."

Goya Music - Some of the world's best progressive black music originates from this stable of labels.

Guardian - London's leading newspaper. 

Indy Media - Independent news compiled by a grassroots network of writers from around the planet.

Izan's Seventies Dance Music - Great personal site from Italy. 

Liberal Slant - Debunking the myth that the U.S. media is liberal, this site gives you analysis of current events from a truly liberal persepective.

Manning Marable - Homepage of one of America's greatest thinkers.

Metasoul - Jah Sonic has put together a very extensive site.

Mission Groove - Billed as "the Convergence of Faith & Funk," this company directs its funky efforts towards a spiritual purpose.

Moody Room - Quality house music and more from good friend Brad Peterson.

Okay Player - Home to one of the better discussion boards on music, as well as the official site for the Roots, Common,   D'Angelo and others.

Power Of Funky - All funky, all the time.

PR Watch - Perceptive analysis of public relations and corporate propaganda by the Center of Media & Democracy.

Progressive Review - Just what it says. 

Rap Dirt - Daily news about rap music. 

Record Mania - One of Europe's biggest dealers in black music. Does international mail orders.

Royal Groove - Your online source to funk, soul and jazzmusic

Simply Vinyl - Based in England, this company is a master at reissuing classic LPs and 12-inch singles on high quality vinyl.  Give them a look.

Soul Deviants - Slammin' club night in Glasgow, plus reviews and DJ profiles.

Soulful Detroit - Great soul forum, with occasional appearances from the performers themselves. 

Soul Junkie - Another nice site all about the music.

Soulwalking - Excellent site focusing on classic black music from the 1960s through the 1980s.

Stratfor - Advance coverage of international issues before they reach the mainstream.

Sydney Morning Herald - News from down under.

The Gully - International news and cultural analysis from a gay perspective. 

The Music Guide - Your comprehensive guide to information for music on the net!

The Star - Toronto's leading newspaper.

Truthout.Org - Nice articles about politics. 

TV News Lies - Useful site for breaking down media misinformation.

Unknown News - Very interesting news bits that you may not have heard about.  Updated daily.

Urban Insite - News and industry information on the urban music business.

Voice On the Tracks - Very hip site outta Japan.

Wave Music - Francois K's label, so you know it's deep and lovely.  With a great discussion board too.

West End Records - One of the most innovative disco labels has returned with a great roster that continues to turn out classic material.  Read up on their history, current acts, and check out their merchandise.

What Really Happened - Easily one of the top sources for news and information.

Working For Change - News you can use. 

Zeropaid - Quality information on peer-to-peer networks.  Includes reviews, news and discussion.

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