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Where Is The Soul Music Hall Of Fame?    

R.I.P. Buddy Miles    

Soul Heaven : Remembering Deaths of 2007     

The Deep Dozen: Week of January 7, 2007   

The Deep Dozen: Best of 2006   

Soul Heaven : Remembering Deaths of 2006 

In Memoriam: Gerald Levert (1966-2006)      
A tragic loss for all soul lovers. 

The Deep Dozen: Week of September 11, 2006      

Reflections on Labor Day: Economic Statistics & the Scapegoat Card      
With it being Labor Day and all, how are we really doing?

The Deep Dozen: Week of March 14, 2005  

The Deep Dozen: Week of June 16, 2003       

The Deep Dozen: Week of April 28, 2003      
Lotsa interesting grooves for you to check, plus a few surprises!

The Deep Dozen: Week of April 21, 2003      

The Deep Dozen: Week of April 14, 2003      
More top-shelf grooves from today and yesteryear.

In Memoriam: Edwin Starr, Hank Ballard and Mongo Santamaria     
Paying respects to some recently fallen music innovators.

The Deep Dozen: Week of April 7, 2003     
The debut appearance of the Deep Dozen, a weekly listing of twelve tunes that are currently in heavy rotation.

Allowing School Vouchers Hides The True Victims     
Yes, I know that the thought of easy access of public school options is a 'dream,' but it isn't American, and doesn't have a sense of 'fairness' or 'parity.' Rather, the patience of the American upper class towards the working poor and indigent is running out.

For Bush, Nowhere To Run (Or Hide)      
If you haven't seen it on cable news or the Sunday papers, Osama bin Laden is coming back. In a big way, if you believe al Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith. To President Bush's chagrin, it was not like Osama bin Laden was down for the count. The Bush administration just wished it were that way.....

Condoleeza Rice Is Worthy Of Criticism      
``Though I didn't see it, I heard it a few blocks away. It is a sound that I can still hear today.'' Those words uttered by National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice about the death of her friend, one of the four little girls killed in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing, speaking at this year's Stanford University commencement, underscores the path, and, perhaps, the rhetorical glaze, that has enthralled ordinary white Americans, yet kept black (and lefty) dogs at bay.

There Is No Place Like Home
What do you do when you're on your own? There are no easy answers to this question as there are no easy answers as to why this position develops in the first place. Currently, there are no accurate statistics for homeless youth beyond the reach of the 'American dream.' But, there is no doubt they exist and their plight remains the 'dream' unfulfilled.

Behind The Scenes, It's the Israelis and Saudis
If the conflict in the Middle East were a television biography, we'd be in the second hour of the "E! True Hollywood Story" with Aretha Franklin during her '80s comeback.

The Amazing Case of LeBron James
How would it feel to be 17 years old and have the world hanging on your every move? Incredibly, that is the situation that LeBron James, a high school junior from Akron, Ohio, finds himself in.

For Black Women, Men Do Leave
As people may know, black people are not monolithic in perception or attitude about their social conditions, or the factors that have created our unique place in society. But, among black men and women, there are different perceptions on how each person regards the importance of black culture and identity.

There Is A Better Way For Israel (And Palestine)
There is a sharp, but increasing uneven debate between progressives and American Jews about the situation in the Mideast and the eventual fate of Israeli-Palestine conflict. Ironically, the cause of this 'redefinition' for the plight of Israelis has been brought by the Palestinian suicide bombings.

The R. Kelly Scandal
It was not even six months ago that R. Kelly was sitting on top of the world, with six Billboard Music Awards, an appearance on the Ali soundtrack and a performance at the Winter Olympics to his credit. Now, with the spring season just beginning, you can bet that Kelly would love to erase the memory of 2002.

Powell Will Succeed Where Bush Cannot
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's trip to the Mideast already seems like the Grateful Dead's famous song, "..what a long, strange trip it's been."

Lingering Problems In Zimbabwe
Nearly a month after Zimbabwe's controversial presidential election, tensions between Robert Mugabe and the citizenry remain high.

In Cincinnati, The Blame and Solution Are Universal
We review the historic agreement with police and Cincinnati citizens and hope that change is on the horizon.

Disco Controversy at the Winter Music Conference
A recent controversy at the Winter Music Conference calls into question disco's place in today's music.

Where In The World Is President Bush?
President Bush needs to get involved in order to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A crisis that is moving towards an all-out guerrilla war with each passing hour.

The Call For Reparations Reaches A New Level
Why the United States should pay reparations for slavery.

The War On Terror Needs To Find Its Voice
Just like Frank Bruni's adventurous biography of George W. Bush, Ambling Into History, the Bush administration's war on terror appears to lack a clear direction.

Black Academia Can Rise To The Next Level
On affirmative action and the hiring process, can black academia practice what they preach? Well, probably yes and no...

Tribute to Sonny Davenport
All Things Deep pays respect to one of the unsung heroes of music, Sonny Davenport.

The Tragedy of Gil Scott-Heron
Longtime activist and singer Scott-Heron was recently sentenced to prison for drugs.  It was the culmination of a long, downward spiral for the man credited as an early inspiration for rap music.

Trouble on the Horizon: International Dissent On the Increase
As the United States enters into the second week of the War on Terrorism, a number of international incidents are revealing that maintaining the world's support may be more difficult than originally thought.

One Week Later: Standing on the Verge
It's been a week since the terrorist attacks on America.  People still aren't sure of what lies ahead.

It's Microsoft's World      
Their slogan used to be "Where do you want to go today?"   Seems like they now want to be able to answer the question for you.

Spitzer's Gay Study: A Classic Case of Contradiction     
Robert Spitzer claims to have proof that at least some gays can be turned into heterosexuals.  Why don't I believe him?  (Dated, but I just couldn't let this one go.)

No More Sampling, Please!      
Sampling was once an exciting and creative practice.  Is it played out?

Black People, J-Lo and "Nigger": Let's Be Real     
Lopez is catching a lot of flack over using the "n word."   But perhaps there wouldn't be any controvery if blacks made it clear that it is an unacceptable term.

Rappers Are In Danger For Real: The Latest Round of Anti-rap Attacks
Rap continues to be the most influential form of music on the planet.   Not everyone likes that, and steps are being taken to intimidate rappers and their fans.

Slavery in Africa: Alive and Well
The case of the MV Etireno has placed the issue of contemporary African slavery on the national conscience.  What are African-Americans going to do about it?

The U.S. Receives a Message from the United Nations
In a stunning development, the U.S. was voted off of two United Nations committees.  Is it an aberration or the beginning of something larger?

Dreams for Sale: The Auctioning of Martin Luther King's Legacy
New commercials featuring King are anything but a dream come true to followers of the great leader.  

Reaction to Tavis Smiley's Firing: Get Over It!
Lots of people are mad at Smiley's dismissal from BET.  But Tavis will be alright.

Update on Mumia Abu Jamal: the Controversy Surrounding Executing Justice
The publication of a new book by one of Mumia's attorneys could have precisely the opposite effect from what its author intended.

Elton John and Eminem: A Perfect Combination?
Breaking down the controversy surrounding their Grammy duet.

Bill Clinton: Player of the Year
Reflections on the latest moves by the "black president."

The Return of the Confederacy
The 21st century Confederacy is in control of the government. How did it happen?

Why Gay Men Must Support Feminism
Gay men are natural allies of women.  But many don't realize it.   

Queer As Folk, or White Ass Folks?
The controversial show is hailed as a breakthrough in television.   But is it really offering anything new?

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